Real-World Solutions for Amputees to Accomplish the Impossible

Jeffrey Allen Mangus


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Ampossible is the go-to guide for every amputee from the first day after limb loss to the day they get their life back.

Thousands of amputations happen each day and millions happen every single year around the world. Yet, what an amputee actually experiences minutes after surgery, what’s endured through the heart-wrenching recovery, to the time they get their life back, is rarely addressed in its complexity. Almost every amputee experiences an onslaught of emotions filled with confusion, grief, anxiety, depression, and immense physical pain. AMPOSSIBLE offers a glimpse into the realities of limb loss for those who experience it and answers the many questions amputees often have surrounding their very immediate medical needs as well as the long-term challenges, both physical and emotional, amputees must face. The book is a no-holds-barred real-world depiction of life as an amputee.

Jeffrey A. Mangus, a below the knee (BKA) amputee, delivers straightforward information for both the amputee and his or her family and support network. Covering the basics of wound care and rehabilitation, he also addresses the very real emotional needs of living a new reality without a part of the body intact. Offering hope and guidance, however, Mangus encourages readers to challenge themselves to overcome the downsides and live a full and engaged life.


Jeffrey Allen Mangus:

Jeffrey A. Mangus is president of LIMB LOSS LIFE LLC. He has survived three life-threatening heart attacks, quintuple heart bypass, five amputations, and sepsis. Pushing himself through recovery after losing his left leg below the knee, Jeffrey now speaks to other amputees across the United States and the world as a Certified Peer Visitor (CPV) through The Amputee Coalition of America. He is currently active in CPV limb loss support and speaks with many amputees across the United States and personal visits, upon request, locally and regionally. He lives in Hurricane, WV.