Burnt Out

Burnt Out

The exhausted person's six-step guide to thriving in a fast-paced world

Selina Barker


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'This is the burnout bible: realistic, honest, uplifting and incredibly practical. If any book can get you back on your feet, it's this one.' - Emma Gannon

'Selina is the best, she's warm and brilliant and this book is packed full of practical things we can do to actually feel better and not just talk about feeling better.' - Sarah Powell

'Selina has totally nailed the topic of burnout, from the greater context of how we got there to the simple steps to free ourselves. 'Burn Out' is brilliantly laid out in an easy to read way - vital when we're overwhelmed - and contains so much richness.' - Chloe Brotheridge, author of The Anxiety Solution

'This book is outstanding - and a joy to read. It's like having a wise friend in your pocket saying exactly what you need to hear at exactly the right time.' - Marianne Cantwell, author of Be a Free Range Human

People everywhere are burning out.

From CEOs to nurses, to doctors, teachers, entrepreneurs, journalists, social workers, academics, creatives... even yoga teachers are at it.

Technology was supposed to make life easier, free us up, take things off our plates and instead we are feeling more exhausted, more under pressure and more stressed out than ever before. People all over the world are lying awake at night wired from exhaustion and uncertainty, fearful of the looming to-do list that awaits them in the morning and wondering how the hell they are going to keep this up before they lose the plot altogether.

Life doesn't have to be this way.

This book is a no-nonsense, practical guide to thriving in a fast-paced modern world, for the burnt out, bone tired and brain frazzled. It's a toolkit that will help you learn what ingredients you need in order to thrive and how to weave those ingredients into your day-to-day, no matter how busy life gets.

Whether you are a classic overachiever, over giver or over thinker, be prepared to take back your boundaries, replenish your energy and design a life you love.

The six steps to take you from burnout to thriving
STEP 1: Commit to making your happiness and wellbeing a top priority in your life
STEP 2: Get to know your inner Shitty Committee and how it is driving you to burn out
STEP 3: Tune into your inner Wise Cheerleader and turn up the volume
STEP 4: Learn how to become a master at managing your own energy
STEP 5: Design your life so that you can thrive
STEP 6: Bring about big change when the people or environments around you are causing you to burn out


Selina Barker:

Selina Barker is a Life Design and Career Change Coach, author and podcaster, who has been helping people break free from burn out and create lives and careers they love for over a decade. She has coached a long list of clients from Google, Apple and UN Women, to recording artists, best-selling authors, and leaders in the creative and music industry. She is co-founder of Project Love and creator of the Audible Series The Career Change Coach and the Project Love Goodbye, Hello journals. She is co-host of the Project Love Podcast, which has had over half a million listens. Selina and her work have been featured in the Independent, Evening Standard, the Metro, Red, Psychologies, Grazia, The Pool and Huffington Post and she is a regular guest on Emma Gannon's Ctrl Alt Delete podcast.