You: Part Two

You: Part Two

Thriving in the Second Half of Your Life

Campbell Macpherson, Jane Macpherson


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Those of us in midlife are facing a dilemma: We are going through a period of multiple life-altering changes all at the same time - at work, at home and within.

More of us are being made redundant than ever before, just when we need it the least. More of us are becoming self-employed. More of us are experiencing losses of status and crises of self-confidence - and that was before COVID-19! Our relationships with our partners, our parents and our children are all entering new phases. Meanwhile, half of us are also going through the menopause. Yet we are healthier and more vibrant than previous generations - and we are living longer. Much longer. We are 50 years young, not 50 years old.

But more importantly, we don't know where or who to turn to for help. If the thought of consulting a 'life coach' makes you twitch involuntarily, but you want more than impenetrable financial advice from an IFA - this book is for you. Award-winning author Campbell Macpherson and yoga therapist co-author Jane Macpherson will help you embrace these changes and come out on top.

From dealing with seemingly ubiquitous ageism and starting your own business to building resilience, finding a financial adviser you can trust and learning from professional athletes who are forced to 'retire' in their early thirties, the Macphersons show that your 'Part Two' isn't about retirement or ageing; it's about change and how you turn it to your advantage. You: Part Two is the must-read guide to thriving in the second half of your life.


Campbell Macpherson:
Campbell Macpherson is an international business adviser, keynote speaker, Executive Fellow of Henley Business School and award-winning author of The Change Catalyst (2018 Business Book of the Year) and The Power to Change. He helps leaders worldwide to lead sustainable change and build cultures that embrace change.|||Jane Macpherson is a fully qualified yoga teacher and yoga therapist who has been helping clients to build inner strength and accept change for more than fifteen years. She runs yoga retreats worldwide and conducts classes and one-on-one yoga therapy sessions in person and online from her studio in Oxfordshire. Jane's prior corporate career included senior marketing roles with the likes of Barclays, Westpac, Pepsi and Ogilvy & Mather. Jane co-authored the chapter 'The Power of Yoga' in 'The Power to Change'.