Dictionary of Discoveries

Dictionary of Discoveries

I. A. Langnas


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A comprehensive reference volume of significant explorers, pioneers, and conquerors, from the ancient world to the twentieth century.

Since the days when Alexander the Great vastly expanded the Hellenistic world, history has been shaped by the urge to discover—and conquer—unknown lands. In Dictionary of Discoveries, I. A. Langnas presents a thoroughly researched record of the major explorers, travelers, conquistadors, colonial officers, and others who contributed to the grand enterprise of discovery.

Organized alphabetically, the entries give special focus to the Age of Discovery, a time when European societies embarked on far-reaching campaigns in search of new lands, trading routes, and knowledge. Famous names like Christopher Columbus, Daniel Boone, and Sir Ernest Shackleton are featured alongside lesser-known figures such as Grigori Shelekhov, theeighteenth-century Russian explorer of Alaska and the Kodiak Islands.