From PMO to VMO

From PMO to VMO

Managing for Value Delivery

Sanjiv Augustine, Roland Cuellar, Audrey Scheere


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"By the end of this book, you will understand what is valuable, how to measure value, and how to optimize the flow of valuefrom idea to your customer." Evan Leybourn, co-founder and CEO, Business Agility Institute Agile methods have brought about dramatic changes in how organizations manage and deliver not only IT services, but their entire product and service value streams. As legacy organizations transition to newer, end-to-end agile operating models, the Project Management Office (PMO) needs to redesign its mission and operation to be more in line with these modern ways of working.  That requires being more customer-focused and value-adding, and less hidebound, bureaucratic and tied to antiquated processes and mindsets. Visionary leaders are transitioning into enablers of this change, and maximizing value through the entire organization. Middle management, including program and project managers (PMs), are racing to maximize their professional relevancy in this new world. This book defines the role of the agile value management office (VMO), using case studies and a clear road map to help PMs visualize and implement a new path where middle management and the VMO are valued leaders in the age of business agility.


Sanjiv Augustine:
Sanjiv Augustine is the founder and CEO of LitheSpeed LLC and the Agile Leadership Academy. He is an entrepreneur, industry-leading agile and lean expert, author, speaker, management consultant, and trainer,. Augustine has served as a trusted advisor over the past twenty years to executives and management at leading firms and agencies. He is author of the books Managing Agile Projects and Scaling Agile.|||Roland Cuellar was the senior vice president of business agility at LitheSpeed, where he helped large organizations move toward end-to-end agility. For the last fourteen years, Cuellar focused exclusively on agile software development and lean business process improvement.|||Audrey Scheere is the senior vice president of marketing and training at LitheSpeed, where she directs the team's strategic initiatives and portfolio of services. Scheere has been a project consultant for ten years, focusing on media and communications.