Branding & AI

Branding & AI

Leveraging Technology to Generate Brand Revenue

Chahat Aggarwal


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Open the doors to the world of branding and artificial intelligence, the future of building efficient revenue!

Unlike anything else out there, the book is an authentic and lucid representation of what branding is and the role it plays with artificial intelligence in the success of businesses.

The book would be singularly profound to entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, brand strategists, students, and anyone aspiring to take a hungry bite out of the knowledge repository built from first-hand experiences of creating a brand from scratch and running it successfully in the digital age.


  • Explains in-depth theories, tools, and models explaining the core ingredients of creating a successful brand;
  • Discusses how branding on an organizational and personal level is directly proportional to profit and return on investment along with measuring tools;
  • Includes case studies that dissect successful and unsuccessful marketing strategies of huge brands;
  • Covers the role of AI in branding, with its potential in facilitating companies in achieving their goals through targeted marketing.


Chahat Aggarwal:
Chahat Aggarwal, an award-winning entrepreneur is a figure of authority in the realm of all things branding and digital. Having lived in multiple countries, she has a keen understanding of global consumer psychology. A prolific brand strategist, Chahat is the founder and CEO of Impact Study Biz, where she helps organizations tap into their latent brand potential. Propelled by the mission of letting the branding do the talking, she has helped over 20 global brands and established them in over 45 countries. When not drawing strategies for clients, Chahat is busy advocating gender equality as a UN women member and also helps educate about mental health via authorship for Thrive Global, USA.