Estate, A Cautionary Tale

Estate, A Cautionary Tale

Floss The Writer


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"The one great principle of the English law is to make business for itself." ~ Charles Dickens

Why is it, in wealthy countries, we have the idea that we are entitled to the money and assets our parents worked their whole lives for? We have been conditioned by the legal fraternity to think that we deserve 'Mummy and Daddy's' money. We have been given the privileges that most of the population of the world can only dream of, yet we have become self-entitled. Some think they deserve more than their siblings. And where there is a complicated family situation such as blended families, people tend to blame and conjure issues that might not be there at all. Past hurts, real or imagined, get reviewed and relived. Things get confused, and people feel that they deserve compensation for that hurt but in doing so, hurt those who love them the most in the process.

In her debut book 'Estate: A Cautionary Tale', Floss the Writer shares her family's experience of fifteen years and millions of dollars in legal fees fighting over an estate which in the end was not there. This cautionary tale is essential reading for anyone with assets or an estate no matter how big or small and shares a number of valuable life lessons