Riley the Brave Makes it to School

Riley the Brave Makes it to School

A Story with Tips and Tricks for Tough Transitions

Jessica Sinarski


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"I'm NOT going to school today!"

Riley the Brave is a little bear with big feelings. Some days he wakes up feeling cheerful and ready to brave the day. He has energy to get dressed, eat breakfast and have some fun!

But some days he wakes up feeling like a grumpy porcupine. His brow is scrunched and he thinks that it is going to be a terrible day. Today, Riley is having one of those days! What can be done to help him?

All children struggle to make it to school some days, and this can be even tougher for children who have had difficult life experiences and extra challenges at school. This book creates a safe space for conversations about big thoughts and feelings, and offers positive tips for families to try. It also features an educational afterword for grown-ups which explains how the book helps children, and how to get the most out of it.


Jessica Sinarski:
Jessica Sinarski, LPCMH is a dynamic presenter, bilingual author, and clinical supervisor. She equips parents and professionals to be healers for hurting children, igniting both passion and know-how in audiences. She has also been a Certified Adoption Therapist since 2008.