Food Microbiology

Food Microbiology

N. Ramanathan


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Food microbiology is a branch of applied microbiology and the scope of food microbiology is expanding rapidly to protect food from microbial spoilage and provide safe, nutritious food to consumers. We now live in a period of world¬wide food crisis, a food saved is a food produced. The book embodies twenty chapters covering the types and sources of microorganisms in food, factors influencing microbial growth in foods; Preservation of food by high temperature, low temperature, dehydration, osmotic pressure, irradiation, high pressure processing, chemical preservatives, food storage and packaging; Food safety and quality management, fermented food products, dairy microbiology, microbial foods and chemicals, mushroom cultivation, and microbial enzymes. Bacterial food poisoning, mycotoxin and impact of genetically modified foods with descriptive and objective questions. In addition, procedures for fifteen practical experiments in food and dairy microbiology and glossary are included. The overall objective of this book on 'Food Microbiology' is to bring together information on different areas of food microbiology in a single source.