Why Is There I Rather Than It?

Why Is There I Rather Than It?

Ontology of the Subject in the Upaniṣads

Marta Kudelska


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The book explores one of the most important problems in Indian philosophical thought: the subject in its particular relation to the world. In what sense does the subject exist? How does it constitute the world? The analysis hinges on Sanskrit sources, mainly the Upanis. ads. However, it goes beyond the question of the subject. The book discusses the concept of how the subject establishes the world, which – in this cognitive perspective – becomes simultaneously recognised and deformed. Overcoming these deformations becomes a specific soteriological path.


Marta Kudelska:

Marta Kudelska is a professor of philosophy and translator of Sanskrit philosophical texts. Her research interests revolve around fundamental metaphysical questions posed since ancient times in the philosophical thought of India, particularly within the Brahmanical tradition. In her research, she also deals with interreligious and cross-cultural dialogue and the reception of classical thought in the formation of contemporary social and cultural attitudes.