Seconds Out

Seconds Out

Women and Fighting

Alison Dean


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  • Dismay over how unequally women’s sports are treated have been widespread. Boxing and other martial arts haven’t really entered the conversation, but this book shows why they should.
  • Despite all the other strides feminism has made, we’ve not really been able to contend with female violence: women’s martial arts are regarded warily. Dean considers why this is.
  • The interest in wrestler Ronda Rousey suggests that it might be time for things to change.
  • Strong reception to the popular Netflix series GLOW suggests audience appeal.
  • From A. J. Leibling to Joyce Carol Oates, writers have been fascinated by boxing, but never from the perspective of woman boxers.
  • She trains in both Vancouver and San Diego.


Alison Dean:

Alison Dean is a lecturer in English Literature and Histories of Photography. Alison has a PhD in English from Simon Fraser University and she is an alumna of the School for Criticism & Theory at Cornell University and the Whitney Museum of Modern Art Independent Study Program. Her academic research focuses on the politics of portraiture and the portrait’s opposite – images of atrocity and torture. Alison currently trains and competes in kickboxing and boxing. She has a bad habit of dropping her left hand and her best punch is a straight right.