An Imperfect Guide to Organic Mothering

Jennifer Strube, Samantha Lemos


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When two college roommates reconnect after twenty years and find themselves both pregnant with baby girls, nothing could seem more blissful. That is, until they actually have the babies. Cue Momlandia: a strange universe that looks nothing like moms of Instagram. Braless, sleepless, and covered with milk, these friends fight for their pre-baby sanity the best way modern moms know how--one text message at a time. Together, they wade through the strange vortex of momlife, navigating GMO-sized body parts, tangled breast pumps, and sudden-onset husband hatred. Where is the glitter-filled Momtopia they were marketed? Strapping on their belly bands and pulling up their postpartum panties, these BFFs guzzle coffee and kale in search of organic motherhood. Hand-churning flax muffins while fighting their own muffintops, surely they can become the selfless, maternal saints they'd envisioned themselves to be. Or can they? To all those "natural" moms in search of perfection, we hail you, one momguilt, mombod, momfail at a time.


Jennifer Strube:
Writer, educator, and licensed therapist, Jennifer Strube sees life as a series of dotted stories craving to be connected. After three master’s degrees and a decade of teaching, she relocated west from New York City in search of open sky. An avid believer in the wild places, her works highlight the spaces that wake one up—the byroads of travel, the subtlety of everyday grace, and that impetuous ache called love. This is Strube’s second work.

|||Jennifer Strube is an educator and licensed therapist. She enjoys foreign excursions, mountain climbing, glamping with her husband, and many other enterprises that get banished in Momlandia. To cope, she drank way too much coffee writing this confession (her fourth book). She works at a private school in California.

Samantha Lemos is a full-time wife, full-time mother, and works full time at Harvard Medical School. Whenever she is not chasing her toddler, she loves sailing, world travel, opera dates with her genius husband, and spending time in nature. She is from Seattle and now resides in Boston.

Lemos and Strube met while studying psychology at Wheaton College. Together, they schemed ways to lure studious boys and overturn the world. Twenty years later, their goals remain the same.