Desert Fountainhead

Desert Fountainhead

A Tale about the Borderlands

Marek Friedl


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Water spells life on the high desert: A migrant is found and rescued at the point of death; a village finds its supply failing; a rancher loses his water source in a drunken card game; a developer's reckless plan to build grandiose winter homes arouses a deadly protest; and an end-of-life experience inspires a hapless desert wanderer to find redemption through altruism and forgiveness.


Marek Friedl:
Marek Friedl has spent much of a dozen years near the Southwest borderland and found the high desert to be both awesome and perilous. He worked for a charity visiting households that were in need and became acquainted with the problems of immigration, water, and development. He has engaged in a succession of pursuits: preservation, gardening, bookbinding, woodworking, and now writing. His interests include cultural history, environmentalism, and theology.