A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Closing

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Closing

Chandler Mason


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Gone are the days where real estate agents were the gatekeepers of knowledge about local real estate. In fact, potential buyers often know more about a particular property than agents as there is so much information about a property now available on the Internet. A buyer is often keyed in on a particular property and agents have to keep track of hundreds or thousands of listings that are constantly changing. So why hire a real estate agent? Simply upload some pictures and add some basic details and your incredible home will sell itself. If you are a buyer, just find the coolest home and go to the bank to get a loan. Not so fast! It has become easier to get your house online to market it to the world, however it has become increasingly difficult to keep the deal together and move it along to closing once you have a buyer. The real estate agent's job has evolved as it has become increasingly difficult getting from a fully-executed sales agreement to being handed the keys at the closing table. This book gives 123 issues that can arise once the contract is signed. No two deals are alike and there are countless issues that can happen prior to or at the closing table. You might be able to find a buyer on your own or pick out a house on your own, but chances are, getting to the closing table is another story.