A Pentecostal Commentary on Revelation

A Pentecostal Commentary on Revelation

Jon K. Newton


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This new commentary approaches Revelation from a Pentecostal perspective, but you may be surprised at what this does and doesn't mean in this case. This is a serious commentary based on the Greek text and includes discussion of all the standard topics (authorship, date, audience, etc.). It gives interpretive priority to the original context and audience while also discussing application today. Newton eschews all populist interpretations of Revelation and questions many assumptions built on futurist or historicist readings, but includes a survey of recent scholarly Pentecostal work on Revelation and an extended discussion of what an authentic Pentecostal reading of Revelation might look like. The commentary highlights features of Revelation that Pentecostals often look for, such as its pneumatology, but also draws attention to features that Pentecostal readers should take more seriously than they often do, such as its missional focus, the narrative flow, intertextual references, and the focus on atonement. This makes it a more optimistic commentary than many available. The commentary interacts in depth with five leading commentaries over the past twenty-five years as well as over two hundred other books and articles, including the oldest existing commentary on Revelation.


Jon K. Newton:
Jon K. Newton is Head of Biblical Studies and Head of Research at Harvest Bible College, Australia. He is the author of Revelation Reclaimed (2009) and editor of New Frontiers (2013), and his articles have been widely published in academic journals such as Australian Biblical Review, Journal of Pentecostal Theology, Colloquium, and Heythrop Journal. He and his wife live in Melbourne, Australia, and co-pastor Oasis Church.