Dialogue for Student and Teacher Development

Dialogue for Student and Teacher Development

My Persian Currere"

Saeed Nazari


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In banking education where the focus of curriculum is producing legitimate knowledge to maintain the sociocultural arrangements, the subjectivity of students and teachers is simply taken for granted. Once credentialized, students can find the source of unease within as public education—centered on conformity and competition—has overlooked their individuality. To contribute to their self-understanding and self-love, self-education starts from reconstructing student and teacher educational experiences. Once students and teachers reflect on their educational experience using autobiographical writing, they can reconstruct their understanding of their self and their education. Using emancipatory and transformative writing to liberate self through autobiographical method of Currere, this book takes a psychoanalytical and hermeneutic journey into student and teacher inner world. Once false self gets shattered following the synthetic phase of the method, students and teachers can reconnect to their true self disguised by non-ego—curriculum. As the source of aesthetic creation and inspiration, true self will connect students and teachers to their deeper layers of self-understanding and self-value using which they can recreate their lifeworlds and reconstruct their social and political spheres. Using hermeneutic dialogue following their rebirth, students and teachers will transfer their transformative and liberating understanding of lifeworld to their circumstances to reconstruct education.


Saeed Nazari:

Saeed Nazari received his doctoral degree from the University of British Columbia in curriculum studies on student and teacher development using dialogue. Upon graduation, Dr. Nazari opened a language school to coach students and teachers for self-development. His book chapters have appeared in Canadian Curriculum Studies and Spirituality and English Language Teaching.