Targeted Prayers From the Psalms

Targeted Prayers From the Psalms

Dozie Matthew Nnamah Bsc MPS


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Targeted Prayers from the Psalms is a collection of powerful Psalms that will bring about spiritual attainment of one's supplication to God.As already mentioned, most of the Psalms were written by the anointed man of God, King David. King David was a mortal being who had experienced all that we are experiencing today. He spoke to God through prayers/psalms, and the responses were fast and sometimes immediate. We can rightly assume that he had a direct phone line to God. He used specific words and tunes for specific occasions and circumstances. He had psalms for plea for mercy, psalms for help, psalms for forgiveness, psalms for protection from his adversaries and enemies, psalms for praising God, psalms against his enemies, psalms when in distress, psalms for strength, and psalms for safety.Targeted Prayers from the Psalms, has arranged the Psalms according to needs and circumstances. Pray from this book according to your needs and circumstances with faith and witness God's miracles manifest in you and your family. If you use this book and realize God's miracles or answers, let your friends know so they could benefit too. Prayers are the key.