Disposable Electrochemical Sensors for Healthcare Monitoring

Disposable Electrochemical Sensors for Healthcare Monitoring

Material Properties and Design


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Disposable electrodes have been widely used as a sensing platform in electrical and electrochemical sensors owing to the possibility of quantitative detection using clinical biomarkers with high precision, sensitivity and reproducibility, which are necessary for accurate diagnosis of the health condition of an individual. This book focusses on the emerging disposable electrochemical sensors in the health sector and the advancement of analytical devices to monitor diabetic, cancer and cardiovascular patients using different nanomaterials. It discusses the upcoming strategies, advantages and the limitations of the existing devices using disposable electrodes. Uniquely, it covers in-depth knowledge of mechanistic features of various designs of screen-printing electrodes and the material aspects required of sensors developed for the healthcare field. It also looks at the portable devices using a variety of materials and the future directions for research in this area.
Appealing to the health care industry, this book is aimed at academic and research institutes at both the graduate and postgraduate level. The contributors are leading experts in the field and they are providing guidance for the next decade of research in the field of disposable electrochemical biosensors.