Branding Bud

Branding Bud

The Commercialization of Cannabis

David Paleschuck


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Never before has a book been compiled on cannabis brands and the consumers they appeal to. Once an underground commodity, with legalization in more and more states and countries, cannabis is now marketed under a variety of national brands, each with its own unique approach to targeting consumers. The global legal cannabis market was valued at US$17.7 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach US$73.6 billion in 2027. Celebrities, athletes, politicians, and large corporations alike are investing and competing in this fast-paced industry.

But what makes a cannabis brand successful? What techniques do companies use to brand and market their products? What segments have been established? In Branding Bud: The Commercialization of Cannabis, David Paleschuck answers these questions, digging deep into this evolving industry to uncover what both small companies and large corporations are doing to introduce their products to the hearts and minds of cannabis consumers. The results of his exploration may surprise you.

Branding Bud showcases the exciting range of products that cannabis consumers will be able to buy in a local dispensary once legalization comes to their state. The book offers a comprehensive overview and contextualization of this new segment, examining the multitude of emerging brands, their creative assets, and the strategies behind them, and the political, legal, and cultural aspects of cannabis that inform the brand landscape of today. This book is a must-read for entrepreneurs, investors, marketers, designers, and anyone interested in the rapidly growing cannabis industry.


David Paleschuck:
With over twenty years of brand-building and consumer marketing experience at American Express, MasterCard, PepsiCo, and Microsoft – and over seven years in the legal cannabis industry as VP, Licensing & Brand Partnerships at Dope Magazine; and most recently as Chief Brand Officer at Evergreen Herbal – Paleschuck has played a part in creating many of today’s well-known cannabis brands. His writings on cannabis trends, branding, and packaging have been featured in The Cannabis Industry Journal, New Cannabis Ventures, Dope Magazine, High Times, and PROHBTD, among others. His work has been noted and quoted in Forbes and Kiplingers, by The Brookings Institution, and he has been interviewed by Wharton School of Business Entrepreneur Radio and Cannabis Radio, among others. As Founder of New Leaf Licensing, he consults within the legal cannabis industry on brand licensing; and focuses on branding, positioning, and marketing as the Chief Brand Architect of The Matters Group. David Paleschuck lives in Seattle, Washington.