Genome editing for precision crop breeding

Genome editing for precision crop breeding


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Genome editing is rapidly transforming plant research. The technique offers unparalleled precision in breeding without the need to introduce foreign DNA into plants. CRISPR/Cas systems have established themselves as the leading technique in genome editing.

Genome editing for precision crop breeding takes stock of the wealth of research on these techniques and their potential in crop breeding. Chapters in this volume review advances in techniques such as TALENS and zinc finger nucleases, double-strand break repair techniques, insertion-based genome edits, base editing, guide RNAs and gRNA/Cas9 constructs. This collection also surveys applications of gene editing in improving key traits in key cereal crops including barley, maize and sorghum as well as brassicas, tomatoes and perennials.

With its distinguished editor and international team of expert authors, Genome editing for precision crop breeding will be a standard reference for university and other researchers involved in crop breeding, government and other agencies involved in regulating advances in crop breeding (such as genetic modification), crop breeding companies and farmers interested in the latest breeding techniques.