Online Teaching and Learning for Teacher Educators

Online Teaching and Learning for Teacher Educators


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Online Teaching and Learning for Teacher Educators is the first book written exclusively by teacher educators for teacher educators in higher education, K-12 classrooms, and for candidates preparing to become teacher educators. Written as a practical, easy to understand and use guide, this book is designed to support and empower teacher educators from all settings as they transition into and advance their knowledge, skills, and dispositions in online teaching and learning. Readers will find ten informative and stimulating chapters, drawn from each author’s personal experience, that focus on the essential topics and emerging issues relevant to the ever-expanding and rapidly changing online environment unique to teacher educators.

Topics covered include planning developmentally appropriate content and context in creative ways; establishing and engaging with collaborative communities of learners; optimizing opportunities for engagement, expression, exchange of ideas, innovation, and inspiration; incorporating meaningful assessments, rubrics, and feedback that promote thinking, growth, and reflection; and advancing awareness, application, and appreciation of ethics, equity, and efficacy. Plus, issues related to the challenges, choices, and changes associated with effective online teaching and learning, specifically for teacher educators, are highlighted. Every teacher educator, whether a seasoned veteran or aspiring newcomer, will benefit greatly from reading this outstanding book. We sincerely hope that our experiences will help you in your quest to become the best online educator that you can be.