Parents and School Technology

Parents and School Technology

Answers That Reveal Essential Steps for Improvement

Gerard Giordano


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Parents had reasons to be alarmed about school technology. They had been warned that these abuses could influence their children’s academic progress, motivation, communication, creativity, critical thinking, job preparedness, and even their safety at school. They had been told that it was linked to controversial instruction, faulty testing, inadequate textbooks, and invasive spyware. Upset by these claims, the parents had numerous questions. This book identifies their questions, the groups to which they directed them, the answers they elicited, and the educational changes they prompted.


Gerard Giordano:

Gerard Giordano is professor at the University of North Florida and has written more than a dozen books about education. He has published a recent series, with Rowman & Littlefield Education, about the questions parents have raised about their children’s schools.