Beyond Implementation

Beyond Implementation

A Planning Guide and Grade Book

Andrea L. Ray


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Action Research, the definitive destination. These are the activities of Beyond Implementation: A Planning Guide and Grade Book. Its purpose, to learn from student outcomes, to predict what happens if you change one aspect of an activity, to test that prediction, and analyze test results.

Your journey starts at the end of the beginning, Preparing Effective Lessons (Ray, 2019). Begin by examining summative test outcomes. Then identify an activity whose results indicate students need to improve. Next, select one aspect of it to adapt and predict how it will affect student outcomes. Use the activity to test the prediction. Then analyze results.

Beyond Implementation: A Planning Guide and Grade Book is for teachers. This planning guide provides an element that is often missing from traditional planning guides; links to future learning. This guide allows readers to go confidently where few teachers have gone before.


Andrea L. Ray:

Andrea L. Ray is a visionary in professional learning design. She believes passionately in the power of teachers to prepare children for future roles that do not yet exist.