Audio Production Basics with Reason Software

Audio Production Basics with Reason Software

Zac Changnon


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Learn the basics of recording, processing, and mixing audio using Reason software, the robust digital audio workstation and musical toolkit used by artists, producers, and sound designers worldwide. Audio Production Basics with Reason Software will guide you every step of the way. The exercises in this book are designed to be completed using the low-cost Reason Intro edition, allowing you to get hands-on practice and easily experience the world of Reason software. Everything discussed in this book translates fully to the standard edition of Reason software, as well as to the expansive Reason Suite edition.

With this book and the included online media files, you’ll get working experience using Reason, covering everything from setting up your computer to the fundamentals of audio production, including:

  • Basic digital audio workstation operations and audio hardware options
  • Principles of sound production and microphone use
  • Essential Reason concepts and operations
  • MIDI fundamentals for playing and recording virtual instruments
  • Managing devices and routing signals in Reason’s unique rack interface
  • Using automation to create dynamic changes to audio
  • Mixing your project and exporting your final mixed track

Reason Intro is affordable, easy, and fun. And everything you learn here will apply when you are ready to move on to more advanced versions of Reason. Take the first step now, with
Audio Production Basics with Reason Software.


Zac Changnon:
Zac Changnon is a producer and longtime Reason user. He is a freelance author and composer based in the Los Angeles area. Previously, Zac worked as a software developer with Hyland Software.