The Power Age

The Power Age

A Blueprint for Maturing with Style

Kelly Doust


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Gorgeous holiday gift and perfect for the new year: Women, who engage in an average of 68 percent of gift-buying activities and are known for having a “multiplier effect” as they influence their social networks, will be drawn to the stunning oversize package complete with full-color illustrations as a gift for friends and family. It's also a perfect roadmap, brimming with practical and inspiring guidance for women to live their best lives in the year ahead.

Much needed timely celebration of life following Covid-19: The Power Age, with its plethora of friendly voices, is a welcome celebration of life after the Covid-19 crisis. Women who have experienced loneliness during bouts of social-isolation, particularly when they were told that their being “of a certain age” made them especially vulnerable, will delight in the camaraderie, kinship, and life-affirming spirit of this book. Chapters on travel, intimacy, and friendship will provide new inspiration for women to reclaim, and redefine, their experiences in a shifting world.

Growing power of target market: Women control 85 percent of consumer spending in the United States, and global spending by women reached $18 billion in 2018. As women founders and investors continue to empower women in the workplace and women become more of an economic force, they will seek out the products and media that speak to their needs. Women are also working longer, getting married later, and having fewer children, factors that drive a burgeoning class of successful and influential consumers. This book appeals directly to them.

Unique angle of offering a roadmap for middle age and beyond: The CDC has reported that women aged between forty and fifty-nine have the highest recorded rates of depression—more than any other age or gender group. While most life guidance is geared toward an audience entering adulthood, this book recognizes that later life is also a transitional time that can be confusing and lonely.

Proven success of genre: The popularity of television programs like Big Little Lies, Grace and Frankie, and The Crown shows that mature female characters and actresses are gaining and sustaining visibility in media and that audiences are hungry to observe, understand, and appreciate their power. Sales from Mary Pipher's New York Times bestselling Women Rowing North (95,000 RTD) and Ari Seth Cohen's Advanced Style (25,000 RTD) show that readers want to buy books that showcase older women's lives.

Proven publicity prowess of author: Author has worked in publicity in three continents and is a book publisher (Murdoch Books) with years of experience promoting titles and lifestyle books. Her book, The Crafty Minx, has sold over 27,000 copies internationally and her memoir, A Life in Frocks, has sold over 15,000 copies.


Kelly Doust:

Kelly Doust is the author of A Life in Frocks: A Memoir, the vintage fashion bible Minxy VintageThe Crafty Minx series, and the novels Precious Things and Dressing the Dearloves. Her writing has appeared in VogueAustralian Women's Weekly, and Sunday Life magazine. Kelly has a background in book publishing and publicity, and has worked in the UK, Hong Kong, and Australia. Today she is a publisher of lifestyle books and lives in Sydney, Australia, with her husband and daughter.