Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor Air Pollution

Ioar Rivas, Otto Hanninen, Van Tuan Du, Stuart Harrad, Nicola Carslaw


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Time–activity diaries kept by members of the general public indicate that on average people spend around 90% of their time indoors, this is associated with considerable exposure to air pollutants as not only is there infiltration of pollutants from outdoors, there are also emissions indoors that can lead to elevated pollutant concentrations. Despite this, and the fact that the WHO produces air quality guidelines for indoor air, the only statutory requirements for monitoring of airborne pollutant concentrations relate to the outdoor environment. Given its importance as a source of air pollution exposure, increasing attention is being given to pollution of the indoor environment.

This volume considers both chemical and biological pollutants in the indoor atmosphere from their sources to chemical and physical transformations, human exposure and potential effects on human health. It is a valuable reference for those working in in environmental policy, civil and environmental engineering as well as for atmospheric chemists.