American Overdose

American Overdose

America’s Addiction Crises, The Whole Story

Kent I. Phillips


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American Overdose is a three-part treatise written to provide the who, what, when, where, and why about our national crisis: addiction. Book 1, American Overdose, discusses the ways in which opioids are dangerous and are the source of the expansion of addiction in the USA; how the "pushers" target suburbia and the rural communities; and the frightening growth rate. Book 2, Treatment Talk, is a must-read for those considering treatment. It explores what is available, what works, what to expect, and do's and don'ts. Book 3, Killing Family, covers the ways in which everything changes when addiction comes to visit the family. This book is written to help everyone in the family live a healthier life and to know how to adapt.


Kent I. Phillips:
Addiction specialist Kent I. Phillips shares a lifetime of addiction experience and training. Thirty years in Alcoholics Anonymous, plus a bachelor’s and a master of science in addiction counseling (MSAC). He is experienced at both the personal and the clinical level. Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, in 1946, Mr. Phillips currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona, with his wife of forty-five years, two sons, and two grandchildren. Phillips is a national contractor in addiction counseling and provides treatment protocols to multiple treatment centers.