God Is Electric God Is Magnetic God Is +Ve God Is -Ve

God Is Electric God Is Magnetic God Is +Ve God Is -Ve

A Scientific Theory

Sheila S. Ber


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This is a scientific theory by Sheila Shulla Ber. An inspirational book for believers and nonbelievers of God and a scientific theory that is educational and easy to discern for readers of all levels. Reviews by Washington Education Association: “Complete information! It’s this kind of very good read. I have read through and I also am confident that I will study once more later on. You will like just how the author wrote this pdf” (Prof. Darien Mayer). “I actually started looking over this ebook. It is actually loaded with knowledge and wisdom. It’s been printed in an extremely easy way, and just soon after I finished reading through this publication, it basically changed me, changed the way I believe” (Mr. Kristoffer Spinka). “This book is fantastic. It can be written in basic phrases rather than confusing ones. Your way of life will likely be converted the instant you complete reading this ebook” (Laurie Pouros II).


Sheila S. Ber:
I majored in Science in 1991 from the University of Toronto. Physics and Chemistry were especially, my favorite subjects. I worked in Microbiology and Chemistry, for about 12 years, in the Pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and toiletry industries. I was involved in Research & Development, analysis, and formulations of large variety of products. I am unconventional, but at the same time I like things to be straight, simple, and uncomplicated. I’m highly analytical. Of course this has its positives, but can also sometimes be negative. I like helping people. I view people, things, and situations, from different perspectives, and try to remain in a neutral position. Our present digital world can be somewhat intimidating, but is rather promising at the same time. It is best to exercise the right balance in our lives.