Molecular Gels

Molecular Gels

Structure and Dynamics

Richard G Weiss, Daniel Blair, Jorge F Toro-Vazquez, Xiang-Yang Liu, Beatriu Escuder


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Over the past decade, research on molecular gels has expanded and progressed rapidly. This timely book presents the latest developments and understanding of the topic, covering the different classes of gels (ionogels, metallogels, hydrogels and organogels) from their molecular level interactions and formation to their properties as materials and applications.

The book starts with a general introduction to molecular gels including their definition and a comparison of the different types. Chapters then examine the physical chemistry of molecular gels, including the most recent theories, experimental techniques and computational approaches. Final chapters on the applications of molecular gels illustrate, with modern case studies, the principles developed in previous chapters.

Written by leading researchers, this is an indispensable resource on the different types of gels for postgraduate students and researchers across supramolecular chemistry, materials science, polymer chemistry, soft matter and chemical engineering.