Modern Biocatalysis

Modern Biocatalysis

Advances Towards Synthetic Biological Systems

Anne Zaparucha, Yasuhisa Asano, Jean-Pierre Mahy, Roberto Chica, Per-Olof Syren


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The synergy between synthetic biology and biocatalysis is emerging as an important trend for future sustainable processes. This book reviews all modern and novel techniques successfully implemented in biocatalysis, in an effort to provide better performing enzymatic systems and novel biosynthetic routes to (non-)natural products. This includes the use of molecular techniques in protein design and engineering, construction of artificial metabolic pathways, and application of computational methods for enzyme discovery and design. Stress is placed on current ‘hot’ topics in biocatalysis, where recent advances in research are defining new grounds in enzyme-catalyzed processes. With contributions from leading academics around the world, this book makes a ground-breaking contribution to this progressive field and is essential reading for graduates and researchers investigating (bio)catalysis, enzyme engineering, chemical biology, and synthetic biology.