Integration of Sports Science Principles into Wing Chun Martial Art

Integration of Sports Science Principles into Wing Chun Martial Art

Stanley Li


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This book elucidates how sports science theories can be applied to Wing Chun Kung Fu and other combat sports in general. It helps martial art practitioners to understand how their performance can be optimized if they are cognizant about the principles of sports science. For example, sports conditioning, injury management, nutrition, cardiopulmonary physiology, psychology, and sports rehab methods are all crucial in performance optimization. This book is not intended to teach martial arts and self-defense. However, it encourages practitioners to appreciate how science can be incorporated into their training.


Stanley Li:
The author holds a doctorate degree in Sports Science. He is also a Wing Chun Kung Fu practitioner. He has also incorporated JKD and Taekwondo in his martial art training. During his research studies in combat sports science, he is inspired by the theories of how sports science can be incorporated into his training so that performance can be optimized. As a profession, the author is a certified Ergonomic Consultant. His health and wellness background can also benefit his career because injury prevention is one of the main objectives in his ergonomic consulting service.