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Smart Business

What Alibaba's Success Reveals about the Future of Strategy

Ming Zeng


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Ming Zeng, Chief Strategy Officer of the Alibaba Group, reveals the innovative strategies driving Alibaba's extraordinary success; explains how the latest technological trends such as machine learning, algorithms, and artificial intelligence are redefining what strategy is and how strategy works; and provides leaders with a radically new framework for formulating and executing strategy in today's increasingly interconnected, automated environment.

  • Makes sense of big trends impacting business—machine learning, algorithms, artificial intelligence, networks, platforms--and explains the new principles and practices that define strategy in an interconnected, data-rich, algorithm-driven environment.
  • Grounded in strong cases of Alibaba and other companies around the world employing these new strategies successfully.
  • Provides a roadmap for managers to better understand the new forces that drive strategy, along with actionable advice for how to win in this dramatic new environment.


    • C-suite and senior executives.
    • Consultants and advisors.
    • Academics who teach courses on strategy.
    • Investors and analysts.

    Announced first printing: 35,000
    Laydown goal: 6,000

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    Ming Zeng:

    Ming Zeng was the Chief of Staff and strategy adviser to Jack Ma at Alibaba Group for over a decade (2006-2017) as it blossomed into a $400 billion company. He is currently Chairman of the Academic Council of Alibaba Group and Dean of Hupan School of Entrepreneurship, founded by Ma and other Chinese business leaders. Previously, he taught at INSEAD and, in 2002, he was one of the seven professors who founded Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business in Beijing. He wrote one of the first cases on Alibaba in 2000. The book he coauthored with Peter Williamson, Dragons at Your Door (Harvard Business Review Press), remains one of the most cited books about the strategies of leading Chinese companies.

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