Everything About Gravity - Proceedings Of The Second Lecospa International Symposium

Everything About Gravity - Proceedings Of The Second Lecospa International Symposium

Proceedings of the Second LeCosPA International Symposium

Xavier Leoncini, Christophe Eloy, Gwenn Boedec


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The proceedings of the 2nd LeCosPA International Symposium, 'Everything about Gravity', collects 78 papers contributed by the symposium's Plenary Session and Parallel Session speakers. Organizers of the Parallel Sessions have in addition prepared summaries for their own sessions. The topics range from quasi-local energy in GR in the presence of gravitational radiations, a gauge theory perspective of gravity, naked black hole firewalls related to the black hole information loss paradox, a new theory of spacetime quantization, relations between the Schwinger effect and the Hawking radiation and Unruh effect, conformal frames in cosmology, surprises in nonrelativistic naturalness, inflation and tensor fluctuations, emergent spacetime for quantum gravity, understanding strongly coupled magnetism through holographic principle, the detections of dark matter, ultra-high energy cosmic neutrinos and cosmic rays, etc. Last but not least, the closing remark delivered by John Ellis raised the following question: Does cosmological inflation require a modification of Einstein's gravity?After 100 years of remarkable success of Einstein's general relativity, the development of a successful quantum theory of gravity has become a major goal in physics in the 21st century. This volume serves as a valuable reference for scientists who are interested in frontier research topics of gravity.