Remembering Ritalin

Remembering Ritalin

A Doctor and Generation Rx Reflect on Life and Psychiatric Drugs

Lawrence H. Diller


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How are the kids of Generation Rx doing now? This groundbreaking book reveals the answers—and raises some important new questions.

Written by a clinician with more than thirty years of experience with child patients, Remembering Ritalin offers an intimate and revealing look at the ADHD generation—how they’re doing now and the long-term effects of their diagnoses, medication, and treatment. Revisiting former patients who are now in their twenties, Dr. Diller takes a fresh look at the issue of treating our kids. Is ADHD a useful diagnosis, or an oversimplified, harmful label? What are Ritalin’s long-term effects—good and bad? Together with his articulate former patients, Remembering Ritalin provides insights into one of the most controversial treatment methods of our time. Parents, professionals, and anyone who has been prescribed Ritalin will find these observations illuminating as they delve into the healing process and attempt to answer the question, “Was it the right choice?”


Lawrence H. Diller:
Lawrence H. Diller, MD, is a behavioral-developmental pediatrician and family therapist. He is on the faculty of the University of California, San Francisco, and is the bestselling author of Running on Ritalin. He and his wife have raised two sons who are now in their young twenties. He lives in Piedmont, California.