Everything You Need to Know About Prozac

Everything You Need to Know About Prozac

Jeffrey M. Jonas, Ron Schaumburg


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Wonder drug or chemical time bomb? The ultimate consumer guide to Prozac from the publishers of The Pill Book
The first comprehensive guide to Prozac—separating the facts from the myths about the drug many doctors believe is the best medication available for the treatment of depression—a serious illness that affects fifteen million Americans.
Dramatic evidence suggesting Prozac may be effective in treating disorders, obesity, obsessive-compulsive disorder, alcoholism, panic and anxiety, and other major illnesses.
Important conclusion from the latest scientific research to help you assess the benefits—and risks—of Prozac
The facts about how much Prozac you may need to take and for how long—and what happens when you stop.
If you’re taking Prozac now or think you may in the future you need this book!


Jeffrey M. Jonas: