Bilingual Language Development & Disorders in Spanish–English Speakers

Bilingual Language Development & Disorders in Spanish–English Speakers


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Dual language learners are the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. student population, and the majority speak Spanish as a first language. This graduate-level textbook—now in its third edition—gives future speech-language pathologists the comprehensive knowledge they need to work effectively with Spanish–English bilingual children and support their language development.


Aligned with current best practices and updated with the latest research and new chapters on critical topics, this book prepares SLPs for practice with cutting-edge information on language development and disorders of Spanish–English bilingual children. More than 25 leading researchers compile the high-level knowledge SLPs need to understand the complexity of language development in bilingual children, distinguish language differences from disorders accurately, and conduct effective assessment and intervention. An essential graduate text that will also be a trusted reference for practicing professionals, this third edition gives current and future SLPs a broad, deep, and nuanced understanding of communication development and disorders in SpanishEnglish bilingual children.


NEW CHAPTERS ON: the human right to communicate in more than one language • development of speech perception and production in bilingual preverbal infants • culturally and linguistically responsive approaches to language intervention


UPDATED INFORMATION ON: bilingual language development of English learners • bilingualism and the child socialization process • bilingual lexical development, assessment, and intervention • semantic development • grammatical impairments • morphosyntactic development • cross-linguistic influence and code-switching • oral narrative language skills and disorders • first language loss and attrition • literacy learning • the intersection of language and academics • speech sound development and disorders • fluency • professional development practices